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Rose with Rose Petals 550g Classic Turkish Delight

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Rose with Rose Petals 550g Classic Turkish Delight

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There’s nothing better than real Turkish Delight, one of the oldest sweets in the world and the product of many legends. We at Truede really believe that, which is why our Turkish Delight is hand made by artisans in Istanbul, Turkey, the way it has always been made.

The rose has a long and varied history. Used in folk remedies extensively, and particularly in the area of skincare. It was one of the most valued medicinal plants in the monastery gardens of medieval Europe and in the 17th century. As we only use natural flavours from real plant extracts, you’re sure to feel the benefits of our ingredients whilst being delighted by the taste.

This resolve to high quality even extends to our design. In the Ottoman Empire, the most important centre for ceramics and tile making was Iznik. Countless examples of mosques and tombs not only in Istanbul but all over the empire were adorned with the products of the Iznik potters’ skill. These designs were far more technically advanced than anything that had come before and the beautiful result can be seen on our boxes.

Ingredients: Sugar, corn-starch, water, rose petals (3%), natural flavouring (rose), acidity regulator (citric acid), vegetable juices (colour).

Veg Society Approved

Gluten Free

GM Free

Vegan friendly