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We are a company based in the UK who produce natural Turkish Delight and confectionery products of only the highest quality.
Currently, the Truede brand consists of Turkish Delight, Chocolate Spoons and other Luxury Confectionery Products. However there are other new and exciting ranges to come.

10th August 2018

5 Things that Make Mint the Perfect Ingredient

The last in our new range of Turkish Delight is the chocolate covered mint flavour. Mint is an indispensable ingredient, known around the world for its beneficial properties. But in case you don’t know what those beneficial properties are, we are going to countdown the five most important ones:



That’s right, with mint your skin will look better than ever. This is because mint has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties – which can help soothe ailments such as skin infections and combat itchiness. It even works well to cleanse acne prone skin, due to its high amounts of salicyclic acid and ability to speed up the shedding of dull or dry skin. This also has the benefit of leaving your skin with a natural, healthy glow.



Mint soothes the nerves and is responsible for providing relaxation to the body. This means it indirectly eases aches and pains. The smell of mint is also great for reducing congestion in the body, making it effective with cases of asthma, but also a more regular cough and cold. Mint is also known to alleviate stomach issues, particularly nausea. Lastly, mint leaves are bursting with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making them fantastic for oral hygiene. Mint kills bacteria in the mouth, erasing bad breath and preventing tooth decay – there is a reason for the saying ‘minty fresh’.



Mint is known as a natural stimulant and is used in aromatherapy to beat stress and recharge the mind, allowing your brain to once again work as it should. It helps to relax the body and free it of stress and anxiety. Mint also contains serotonin which can work to ease feelings of depression. Its restorative properties means that mint is also helpful in battling exhaustion.



A study in 2011 undertaken by A. P. Allen & A. P. Smith and found in the Journal of Behavioural and Neuroscience Research explored the effects that mint has on alertness, retention and cognitive function. The conclusion reached by the study is that:

“The most consistently observed psychological effect of chewing gum has been the enhancement of reported alertness.”

This was by people who frequently chew gum, whose major active ingredient is mint. Now while this doesn’t mean that mint will help you find your car keys or remember when that person’s birthday is, it will for a limited time improve your reactions and make you more alert, which can only be a good thing.



This last one speaks for itself.


Mint has been used for generations due to its medicinal properties. It can aid in digestion, respiratory problems and provide relief for nausea and headaches. It has also been linked to aiding seasonal allergies such as hay fever. The benefits to mint are numerous.


Luckily, our Chocolate Covered Mint Flavour Turkish Delight is packed full of the stuff. We hope you’ll be delighted.